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Weekly Updates



This week we have a lot to get prepared for.  We will be learning our second movement of our show, and preparing for the parade on Saturday.   The kids are working extremely hard, and I am extremely proud of how they performed at the game on Friday night.  Here is this week's agenda.


  •  As of yesterday, Senior night was rescheduled for the game on October 28th.  


  • We will have rehearsal tonight from 5pm-8pm.  We will be learning the drill for the second movement tonight, and putting everything together for the show on Friday. Senior Pictures for the Senior Banners will be at 4:00pm today. 



  • If your child would like ChickFila sandwiches after every away game, and has not already paid, please pay 24 dollars by this Friday. This is to help our boosters know exactly how many to order every week.  Students will not be able to purchase any after this Friday. 


  • The Band Boosters need help in working the concession stands for Thursday’s and Friday's Football game, and the rest of the games in the season. They will also need help volunteering at the Corn Roasting booth at West Fest.  Please note that in order to qualify for Senior Scholarships parents must sign up for at least two shifts per year. The links to sign up for each are below: 




  • For this Friday’s game report time will be 5:30pm.  Please make sure that you are in the band hall ready to go at 5:30pm.  Dress will be their band shirt and blue jeans. After the game, we will march back to the bandhall, and when everything is put away the students will be free to go. 


  • For the Parade this Saturday, we will be meeting at the back of City Hall at 9:00am.  This will be to avoid traffic and road closures.  We will begin Marching at 10:00am, and will most likely be done by 10:40.  Water will be provided at the end of the parade. Dress will be their band shirt and khaki shorts. 


  • We will be having rehearsal on Labor Day Monday 9/5.  Hopefully putting the third movement on the field. 


Please let me know if I can answer any questions. Thank you.






Band Updates 5/16






I hope you all are having a great day so far.  

Tomorrow evening we will be having our Spring Concert at the High School  starting at 6:00pm.  Students will need to be in their seats ready to go at 5:30pm.  Dress is Concert Black or Spring Colors.  Please no shorts or jeans.  

Also attached to the email is a copy of next year's calendar.  All of the dates for our Summer rehearsals are mandatory.  Every student is used in our show, and if one person is not  there it holds back the whole band.  I am extremely excited about next year’s show, and cannot wait to get started.  If you have any questions please let me know.  Thank you.








Band Updates 10/11/21



I hope you are all having a great day.  Here is this week's agenda. 


Tonight 10/11:  Last Monday night practice before Regional UIL on Saturday.  5pm-8pm

  • After Practice tonight the Band Boosters will be feeding the students.  


Friday 10/15: Home Game vs Whitney.  Report time is 5:45pm.  

  • The Symphonic Band Students will also be in the stands with us. 


Saturday 10/16:  UIL Marching Contest Performance time is 12:45. Report time is 8am. 

We should be home close to 2:30pm.  


Please let me know if you have any questions.  The kids have been working extremely hard, and I am extremely proud of them. 



Band Updates 9/28




IT'S HOMECOMING!!!!!!!  This means we will be having a Pep Rally at 7:45pm on Wednesday 9/29. Report time is 7:00pm. 


The very last day for the kids to pass off their show music is this Friday. 


For Friday report time will be 5:45pm, we will be in our uniforms and be performing our show at halftime.  After the game we will be playing for the homecoming court.  


For Saturday we will be attending our first Pre-UIL Contest, and  performing at 1:30pm at McGregor.  We will need to be in McGregor close to 12:00pm.  Report time will be at 9:30pm, we will be warming up, and going through everything for the day before loading up the trailer and leaving at 11:00am.  We should be getting back to the school close to 3:00-3:30pm.  


Please let me know if there are any questions that I can answer.  Thank you and have a great week.  


Upcoming Dates: 


October 7 (Yes this is a Thursday): Away Football Game: at Dallas A+

October 9: Whitney Contest We perform at 2:00pm. 

October 15: Home Football Game

October 16:  UIL Marching Contest.












Band Updates 9/14


Band Updates 9/14




I hope everyone is having a great day so far. For this week’s game, we will be traveling to Rogers. Report time for the band students will be 4pm. We will be leaving close to 4:45pm.  We should be getting back to West close to 11:15pm.  


I know there have been a lot of changes in the schedule with what we are doing at games, and other issues.  However there are two dates I would like to add to the calendar that are just for us.  

  • September 25th, I would like to have a rehearsal from 1pm to 3pm.  Our first contest will be on October 2nd in McGregor, and I want to make sure we have everything clean and ready.  


  • October 16th is another Saturday, but it is the week before our Regional Contest and Area Contest.  Since we do not have a week between our two contests.  I want to make sure we go into both of them pushing hard.  


 Please let me know if there will be any issues.  I know what I am asking of everyone, and I know it is a lot.  I know what our band can do, and how good our show can be, and I want to make sure that we are doing everything we can to get it as polished as we can.  

If you purchased a brown bag last week for the “Home Game”  we can transfer that over to the next home game.  Our Booster’s  have in the past done Brown Bags for the end of away games as well, we can add that to one of them as well.  


Thank you for everything.  The kids are working hard, and I appreciate everything they are doing.  Please let me know if I can answer any questions.

Future Dates: 


September 16th: Color  Guard Rehearsal 5-8

September 20th: Monday Night Rehearsal 5-8

September 24th, Away Game at Life Oak Cliff

September 25th:  Saturday Rehearsal 1-3pm

September 27th:  Monday Night Rehearsal 5-8

October 1st: Home Game Vs Dallas Madison 

October 2nd: Pre UIL Contest at McGregor




Band Update 9/9




The football game tomorrow night has been rescheduled to Buda on Saturday at 1pm. I am meeting with Mrs. Uptmore and Mrs. Harwell after school to get a plan together to see what we will be able to do.  I will email out what we discuss this evening.  Thank you for your patience.








Band Updates 9/1




I hope you are all having a great morning.  Due to a lack of bus drivers with everyone who can drive being pulled to help make sure students make it home after school, due to the game starting at 7:00pm, and due to the fact that the game this Friday is in Tyler, we will not be able to take the entire band to the game this week.  We will only be taking one bus, so I have posted a sign up sheet for a “Pep Band”  and the Dazzlers to still be able to go. 


We are going to be using every seat in the bus to make sure that as many people as possible can go. We will be leaving at 3:30 to make sure that we can arrive at the school on time.  If the game is over at 9:30 that puts us getting home close to 1am at the latest.  Dress is Band Shirt and Blue Jeans 


For the Parade on this Saturday 9/4 report time for the parade will be 9:00am by City Hall.  We are asking students to get here this early in order to make sure that everyone is able to make it before the streets start to close.  I will be at the Bandhall from 8:00am-8:45am if any students need to come get their Instruments.  After the Parade I will be at the Bandhall until 12:00pm so students have an opportunity to bring the instruments back to the bandhall.  Dress will be their Band Shirt and Khaki shorts.  If you have any questions, please let me know.  I am highly encouraging everyone  to take their instruments home Friday to make it easier for everyone.  


Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you.  


Future Dates that are coming up:  


9/6 Monday Night Rehearsal 5:00pm - 8:00pm

9/9 Color Guard Rehearsal 5:00pm - 8:00pm

9/10 Home Football Game Report time is 5:45


***We will not be attending the contest on 9/25, it was optional.***

Band Booster Updates.  


John Kocian with West Chamber has asked the Band Boosters to help cover some shifts at the corn dog booth at Westfest. If anyone is interested in working he is needing 3 volunteers per shift.  The shifts are 12-3 and 3-6 both Saturday and Sunday.  Please call John at 254-716-2217 and let him know that you want to work for the West Band Boosters.









Today I was notified that we will be having "Senior Night" next Friday at the game on 8/27 to make sure that in case there is another shut down, our seniors will have this opportunity.  Seniors will be announced during our halftime performance with parents or anyone who is going to escort them.  Parents will need to meet at the gate in between where the band sits and the main bleachers with 3 minutes left in the 2nd quarter. I am attaching the form to be filled out to this email.   Report time for the game will be 5:45pm, and dress will be a band shirt, and blue jeans.  I apologize for the late notice.  Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you and have a great weekend.  






The Band Boosters are getting banners made for all of the Senior Band Members, and are asking for the Senior band students to be at the bandhall on Friday August 18th, at 4pm in order to take the pictures for them.  Please let me know if I can help with anything thank you. 




I hope all is well, and everyone is doing great.  The Band Boosters me asked to send the following concession stand links, and a flyer about yard signs they are selling.  If you are available at all to help work in the concession stands it is a great way to help our band kids grades 6th -12th.  It also helps the possibility of students getting a scholarship after they 



Varsity Football Concession Sign-up

Varsity - West Band Booster Friday Night Concession Stand


JV Football Concession Sign-up

JV - West Band Booster Thursday Night Concession Stand


Middle School Football Concession Sign-up

Middle School - West Band Booster Thursday Night Concession Stand

I also wanted to give a few reminders to everyone about the next two weeks. 


8/19th Rehearsal 5pm-7pm

8/20th Rehearsal 5pm-7pm

8/23rd Monday Night Practice 5pm-8pm

8/26th Colorguard Rehearsal 5pm-8pm.

8/27th Home Game Report time is 5:45pm 

8/30th Monday Night Practice 5pm-8pm

9/2nd Colorguard Rehearsal 5pm-8pm

9/3rd Game at Tyler Grace @ Tyler Grace: Report Time is TBD 

9/4th West Fest Parade: Report os 9am at City Hall. 


Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for all of your help.










I hope you had a great restful weekend.  The following are schedule updates, and general reminders. 


- We are going to have some very slight schedule changes.  Tomorrow 8/10 we are going to be ending rehearsal at 4:00pm.  Also we are going to be cancelling our rehearsals on 8/11 and 8/18. 


- If your child is sick or is not feeling well please notify us, and keep them home.  We want to make sure everyone is safe, and taken care of.


- Not to contradict number 2, because we are very understanding of health related absences, but please make sure that your child is at every rehearsal.  We move very quickly, and our progress is slowed down by absences, and we want to have the best show that we can for everyone involved.









This Saturday at 6:30 we will have our annual Meet The Trojans Pep Rally at the High School Stadium.  We were asked to be there at 6:00pm, and I am asking the students to be at the bandhall at 5:15pm to make sure that we are able to be warmed up and ready to go.  They will need to wear something “West-ish” for a shirt, and they are able to wear shorts if they want.  


Also if your child has not paid for their shirt, shoes, gloves, please get that to us as fast as possible so that we can get everything ordered as fast as possible. 


I know this is a month down the road, but for the West Fest Parade on September 3rd, I am asking for all of the students to wear khaki shorts and their band shirt because of the heat.  


Please let me know if I can answer any questions.  Thank you. 




Tonight band booster meeting that was scheduled for 6:30 has been moved to 6:00pm.

The link is: 

Video call link:

Please let me know if you have any questions.  








With the end of the year rapidly approaching we are pushing faster than ever.  The Band Boosters have asked for anyone who is available to help set up and decorate for our banquet at the K.C. Hall on this Friday at 6pm.  Also they are asking for anyone who is able to help provide desserts for the Banquet on Saturday at 6:00pm. 

We will be having a Band Booster meeting on Monday, May 10th at 6:30pm through Google Meets.  We will be electing officers, and begin making plans for next year.  


Google Meet joining info:
Video call link:
Or dial: ‪(US) +1 216-839-9863‬ PIN: ‪705 814 950‬#


Looking at the end of the year, we will be having our Spring Concert on May 22nd in the High School Arena.  

Dress will be "Concert Blackish"  other colors besides black and white are encouraged, If Concert Black is all they have that is great as well.  


The Boosters will also be having a silent auction for different gift baskets between each show.  We are asking students from each grade to help with their class's theme. 


They are as follows:

Freshman: Dessert

Sophomores: Date Night

Juniors: Gift Card

Seniors: Bath/Spa Day


The schedule of the Concert is the following: 

6th grade starts at 3:00pm

7th grade starts at 4:00pm

8th grade starts at 5:00pm

High School starts at 6:00pm


Please let me know if you have any questions.  Thank you for everything.  









I hope everyone is doing well. 


I wanted to send out a reminder to everyone that the band banquet form is going to be due tomorrow 4/28.  


The Band Boosters normally have a silent auction for different baskets at our concerts.  We ask students to bring items for each basket by grade.  For our Concert on May 22nd, each high school class theme is below:

Freshman: Dessert

Sophomores: Date Night

Juniors: Gift Card

Seniors: Bath/Spa Day


Whatever you can bring will be amazing, and greatly appreciated.  The last day to bring items will be May 14th, so we can have plenty of time to get everything prepared.  Even though your child may be in middle school any help is greatly appreciated. 


Dates for the for the rest of the year: 

April 29th Drum Major/Section Leader Auditions 5:00pm

May 8th: Band Banquet 6:00pm

May 22nd: Spring Concert 

6th grade starts at 3:00pm

7th grade starts at 4:00pm

8th grade starts at 5:00pm

High School starts at 6:00pm

June 1-4th: Stand Tune Mini Camp 9:00-12:00, 1:00-4:00pm. 

Thank you again for all of your help and support. 




I know this is early, but I wanted to let everyone know what we are going to need from each student for the 2021-2022 school year.  


Every incoming Freshman and Junior will need to get a physical before being allowed to participate in any marching band activity for the next school year. Therefore, we would like those physical forms turned in before the first day of camp.  The camps in June are just going to be playing music, there will be no marching.  Also, every student (9th-12th grade) will need to fill out a medical history form, and a  UIL participation form.  All of these will be attached to the email.  

The following list is what is going to be required from everyone for next year.  Every year at Band camp we order shoes, shirts and gloves.  I am wanting to make sure that I get everything taken care of as early as possible this year to make sure we can take care of any problems that may arise. You will notice three things on the list that have not been on there before.  We are asking for these to make sure that all of our students are always improving, and the band program is continuing to grow.  

The Show Shirt: $17.00 (9th-12th)

We are very proud of our student’s and all that they have accomplished.  Every show that the high school band performs takes months of preparation and hard work, and we want the students to have a unique show shirt for each year.  This shirt is worn at every performance that involves the marching band.  (Games, Parades, Pep Rallies, etc.)

Marching Band Shoes: $37.00 (9th-12th)

The shoes are a part of our uniform.  They are designed to not only look professional while the students are in uniform, but it also helps them while they are marching.  If the student already owns a pair of shoes, they do not need to purchase another unless a different size is needed. 

Gloves: $5.00 (9th-12th)

Much like the shoes, these are required for every student except percussionists.  They come in extra small, small, medium, large, and extra large.  If they already own a set, they do not have to purchase another if it is not needed.

Foundations for Superior Performance (Warm Ups and Technique for Band) by Richard Williams, and Jeff King:  $7.00 for Woodwind and Brass Players, and $11.00 for percussion. (7th-12th)

This is a book that we have been using certain excerpts from the past few years.  This year all of the band students from 7th-12th grade will need to purchase their own copy of the book. You can purchase this on your own, or bring the money to us, and we can order it for you.  

Smart Music: $10.00 subscription (6th-12th)

Smart Music is a subscription service to a music website that we will use to give students a tool to practice on their own with the show, and other individual assignments. It lets the students know if they are missing any notes or rhythms, and will also help with timing and tuning. This subscription is required as we will be giving graded assignments through this website throughout the year.

Three Ring Binder: On your own. (9th-12th)

We pass out a lot of music to our students, and the best way to keep track of everything for our students is to have their own three ring binder.  We like to give out as much as we can at the beginning of the year so that we can get into a routine as fast as possible, and the students having their own binder will help with this tremendously.  

Below is a list of everything. Freshman will need to purchase everything, upperclassmen will need to purchase what is required on an individual basis.  

Band Show Shirt: $17.00 (Required for Everyone

Band Shoes: $37.00 (Only if you need them)

Gloves:  $5.00 (Only if you need them)

Foundations for Superior Performance (Warm Ups and Technique for Band) by Richard Williams, and Jeff King:  $7.00 for Woodwind and Brass Players, and $11.00 for percussion. 

(Required for Everyone)

Smart Music: $10.00 subscription (Required for everyone)

Three Ring Binder (Required for Everyone)

Woodwinds only: You will need to buy a box of reeds:  We recommend Vandorian 3 ½’s Navy Blue Box, or Rico 3 ½’s, due to their quality.  (Required for Woodwinds only).


Please let me know if any of you have any questions.  I will be more than happy to help.  Thank you.











I hope you are having a fantastic day, and everything is going well.  I wanted to send an update to everyone about what our end of the year activities are going to look like.  Because of all of the protocols with the indoor activities, some things will be a little different this year.  


We are going to have our banquet at the Knights of Columbus Hall on May 8th.  The doors will be opening at 5:30 P.M. with everything beginning at 6 P.M.  All Band students will eat for free, however, each additional guest is $12.00.  Because we are following our district safety requirements, there will be a maximum of two guests per student.  Tickets are required to attend, and each ticket includes a meal.  Because we are having to assign seats for the meal portion, we will need the bottom portion of the band banquet flier returned to us NO LATER THAN April 28th.  


For our Spring Concert, we will be playing inside the West High School/Middle School Arena, on May, 22nd.  Here is the schedule for that day:


2:00pm: Beginner Choir

3:00pm: Beginner Band

4:00pm: 7th Grade Concert Band

5:00pm: 8th Grade Symphonic Band

6:00pm: High School Jazz Band, and High School Band.  


For this concert, we normally have the students dress in our Concert Black Attire.  


“For boys, BLACK shoes, BLACK LONG socks, BLACK pants, a WHITE BUTTON UP SHIRT, and a BLACK TIE. For girls, they can EITHER wear the same as boys, OR they may wear a LONG BLACK dress or skirt. Girls must wear black shoes as well. If the dress or skirt is too short, then girls can wear BLACK leggings underneath it.”


However, for the Spring Show they can wear more colorful clothes as long as they are within the school dress code. Students can wear either the Concert Black or more colorful clothes. That is their choice. HOWEVER, they still cannot wear jeans or shorts.


The flier for the banquet will be attached to this email.  Please let me know if you have any questions.