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Westfest - Coke Booth, Practice, & Miss Westfest

Jr Historian members,
Due to the timing between the start of school and Westfest Labor Day weekend, we must begin signing up freshman, new, and returning Jr Historian members and parents to work in TWO (2) Coca-Cola booths at Westfest: one Coke booth on the east side by the big tent at the bottom, and another Coke booth on the west side by the amphitheater. Attached is a document/spreadsheet listing days and times workers are needed for both booths. During the first week of school, Westfest admission passes will be given to workers unless you are in the parade or already have an admission pass. Please reply to sponsor Priscella Allred at pallred@westisd.net or 254-405-3145 with your preferred work day & time, first-come-first-served basis.
Returning members ONLY (not freshman or new members), here is the practice schedule to prepare for our Westfest performances:
Sun, Aug 19 @ 7pm @ Westfest Amphitheater
Wed, Aug 22 @ 8pm @ WHS
Sun, Aug 26 @ 7pm @ Westfest Amphitheater
Wed, Aug 29 @ 8pm @ WHS
Here are our performance times at Westfest on Saturday, Sept 1:
Freshmen and new members will begin practicing after Westfest.
Lastly, also attached is a 2012 Miss Westfest application. Members between the ages of 15 and 21 are highly encouraged to apply for Miss Westfest. Please read the application rules and regulations, and return your application to Westfest or deliver to Flowers-N-Things on north Main Street.