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Mark Monthie

I'm honored to serve West High School in this new role after teaching English at Brookhaven Ranch and 7th grade mathematics at the West Middle School. In addition to teaching PLTW Aerospace and Intro to Engineering Design, as well as Business Information Management, I will also be the Technology Students Association (TSA) club and competition sponsor.  
I began teaching at Waco ISD, I taught 6th and 7th grade English at Cesar Chavez Middle School.  I will pull from my many teachng and leadership position experiences to serve this wonderful West community.  
My wife, Lisa, and our three kids, William, Jackson, and Emma are excited when we meet new people and look forward to meeting all of you.  
Without a doubt, this year may prove to be as unique as the past year, but our admin team as well as all the staff at West ISD, are ready and willing to adapt and overcome any issue we are confronted with.  We will continue to bring our positive attifudes and desire to succeed with us daily!       Fight Trojans!
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Middle School                           High School "A" Lunch                       High School "B" Lunch
1st period 8:00-8:49                  1st period 8:00-8:49                           1st period 8:00-8:49
2nd period 8:53-9:42                 2nd period 8:53-9:42                          2nd period 8:53-9:42
3rd period 9:46-10:35                3rd period 9:46-10:35                        3rd period 9:46-10:35
WMS Lunch 10:35-11:05          4th period 10:39-11:28                       4th period 10:39-11:28
4th period 11:09-11:58              "A"  WHS Lunch 11:28-11:58            5th period 11:32-12:21
5th period 12:02-12:51              5th period 12:02-12:51                      "B" WHS Lunch 12:21-12:51
6th period 12:55-1:44                6th period 12:55-1:44                         6th period 12:55-1:44
7th period 1:48-2:37                  7th period 1:48-2:37                           7th period 1:48-2:37
8th period 2:41-3:30                  8th period 2:41-3:30                            8th period 2:41-3:30