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Coach Louis

Adam Louis
U.S. Government / Economics
Conference: Monday-Friday 2:27-3:15
Google Meet: Monday-Friday 3:15-3:45
Daily Schedule
1st Period: MS Athletics
2nd Period: U.S. Government 
3rd Period: Economics
4th Period: U.S. Government
5th Period: HS Athletics
6th Period: Economics
7th Period: Economics
8th Period: Conference
Hello, I am excited about this year. I have been teaching in West for nine years now. I have also taught in Santa Fe ISD and Dawson ISD. Apart from teaching, I also coach football, basketball, and track. My three kids, Sam (10), Ben (7), and Emily (5), all attend West Elementary. My wife Kristel is a West High graduate. It is a great community and I am looking forward to a great year.