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Krisann Kent

campus phone number: 254-981-2050
subjects taught: AP Calculus, PreCalculus, DC College Algebra, DC Trigonometry, Algebra 3, Advanced Algebra 2
bell schedules:
1st Period 8:00-8:47 - Advanced Algebra 2
2nd Period 8:51-9:38 - Dual Credit College Algebra
3rd Period 9:42-10:29 - Algebra 3
4th Period 10:33-11:20 - PreCalculus
5th Period 11:24-12:11 - PreCalculus
Lunch 12:11-12:41
6th Period 12:45-1:32 - Advanced Algebra 2
7th Period 1:36-2:23 - Conference
8th Period 2:27-3:15 - AP Calculus
I love teaching math, and I love teaching at West High School.  I am a West High graduate and am in my 28th year of teaching, with 25 of those years being at West.  I graduated from Baylor with a Bachelors of Science in Mathematics, and then later received my Texas Teaching Certificate in secondary mathematics. Years later, I went back to school and received my Masters in Curriculum and Instruction from University of Texas at Arlington.  I have three sons who are West High School graduates, two daughter-in-laws, two step-daughters, a son-in-law, and two beautiful grandchildren.  I realize that most students either dislike math or fear it, or maybe both, but I try to present math in a way that is not intimidating and hope to get the students to feel both comfortable and confident with the content we are learning.  
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