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Kari Sowders

Girls Coordinator: Head Volleyball & Assistant Track
Phone: 254-981-2091
Conference Time: 8:00 - 8:49
1st Period: Conference
2nd Period: 7/8 Grade PE
3rd Period: HS PE
4th Period: HS Athletics
5th Period: 7/8 Grade PE
6th Period: HS PE
7th Period: 6th Grade PE
8th Period: MS Athletics
Bell Schedule:
1st period 8:00-8:49                                                          1st period 8:00-8:49
2nd period 8:53-9:42                                                         2nd period 8:53-9:42
3rd period 9:46-10:35                                                        3rd period 9:46-10:35
4th period 10:39-11:28                                                      4th period 10:39-11:28
1st WHS Lunch 11:28-11:58                                            5th period 11:32-12:21
5th period 12:02-12:51                         
                          2nd WHS Lunch 12:21-12:51
6th period 12:55-1:44                                                        6th period 12:55-1:44
7th period 1:48-2:37                                                          7th period 1:48-2:37
8th period 2:41-3:30                                                          8th period 2:41-3:30
Advisory/Pep Rally Bell Schedule:
1st period  8:00-8:46                                                           1st period   8:00-8:46
2nd period 8:50-9:36                                                           2nd period 8:50-9:36
Advisory 9:40-10:00                                                            Advisory    9:40-10:00
3rd period 10:04-10:50                                                       3rd period  10:04-10:50
4th period 10:54-11:40                                                        4th period  10:54-11:40
1st WHS Lunch 11:40-12:10                                              5th period  11:44-12:30
5th period 12:14-1:00                                                          2nd WHS Lunch 12:30-1:00
6th period 1:04-1:50                                                             6th period   1:04-1:50
7th period 1:54-2:40                                                             7th period   1:54-2:40
8th period 2:44-3:30                                                             8th period   2:44-3:30
I am entering my 20th year of teaching and coaching. I have been a volleyball coach, softball coach, and track coach for all of my career. My husband, Dustin Sowders is the Defensive Coordinator here and we have two children, Karter (12) and Kason (10). We live in West and are so excited to all be here together. I look forward to this new year and really excited to be in this community. I have also taken over at Head Volleyball Coach and Girls' Coordinator! 
Go Trojans! 
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