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Welcome to The Pride Of West Band 

Membership in this organization requires dedication and an enormous amount of hard work from each one of you.  Our ultimate goal as a teachers is to share our love of music, teach our students how to have fun and work hard through the performance of music.  We strive to achieve that goal at every rehearsal so that The Pride Of West Band Program continues to be  recognized in the state of Texas.   We hope that you will continue to strive to maintain the excellence of our program, and we hope you have a great year!!


Our Educational Philosophy

A well rounded education is enhanced by one of the most basic of all studies...the study of music. Music teaches discipline, develops self-confidence, and gives each student a feeling of pride and accomplishment. Playing in band teaches students the importance of working with others and helps them develop the social skills necessary to be part of a performing organization.

Band instills values: responsibility, purpose and direction, devotion to duty, spirit of cooperation, and a sense of family. Music is a subject which affects all sides of a student’s personality. This includes the intellectual, physical, emotional, psychological, spiritual, and social aspects of a person.


Discipline, pride, and commitment to excellence are important elements of a quality organization. Every part of our students’ participation in The Pride Of West must contain these three elements. As we continue a tradition of superior performances, we believe that external discipline creates internal discipline which the students demonstrate on their own. We hope our students will have a desire to succeed in what they do and enjoy working towards a positive goal. Through mutual respect and pride in themselves, we hope to give our students a firm footing on which they can be successful in music and in life.