Welcome to West High School's website! It is my privilege to tell you about the exciting things that are happening this year at the high school. First, we were designated as a STEM school for the state of Texas. What this means is that we are adopting a philosophy of teaching that is different than at a traditional school. The teachers at a STEM school incorporate more real-world experiences that capture students' interests and gives them a reason to learn. Teachers also create lessons that incorporate student voice in their choice of how they demonstrate learning. Students incorporate more 21st Century Skills in our school. Skills such as student presentations, integrating technology and cooperative learning are some of the soft skills that are being taught along with the content. Secondly, we are offering courses in medicine and engineering that are new to West. This year, Principals of Biomedical Technology and Introduction to Engineering are two strands that offer exciting course sequences for students to engage in. The follow up courses next year will be Human Body Systems and Civil Engineering and Architecture. These pathways are in addition to the excellent pathways already offered at West High School. These pathways, including Agriculture, Business and Computer Technology, allow students to select course pathways that interest them the most. In addition to new courses in STEM, we are also offering new courses in the Fine Arts. This year, we are expanding the Theatre program to include Production and Musical Theatre as well as classes at the Middle School to generate interest in the Arts before the student even gets to high school. 
The athletic program this year is shaping up to be just as great as last year's teams. The football team advanced into the playoffs as well as the volleyball team. The girl's basketball team is expected to advance deep into the playoffs and the boy's team is the best we have had in several years. Of course, no school can match West High School in the Spring Sports. Track and Field should produce state qualifiers and I want to be the first school to have back-to-back-to-back Boy's Baseball State Champions while simultaneously having back-to-back Girl's Softball State Champions. It really is a great time to be a Trojan!
Once again I am very proud to be the Principal of West High School and look forward to the exciting things that will be happening at the school, both academically and athletically. Come and visit this page to keep up-to-date on events happening at our school!
Don Snook, Principal