Band » The Pride Of West 2019-2020 Leaders

The Pride Of West 2019-2020 Leaders

Student Leaders



Drum Majors

Rachel Coffer – Head Drum Major

Dylan Lott – Assistant Drum Major

Jose Limones - Assistant Drum Major


Woodwind Section Leaders

Skylar Schaffer - Flute

Lizvet Alvarado- Flute

Kaylin Gerik - Clarinet

Sonia Perez- Clarinet

Jesse Corvin - Alto Saxophone

Joshua Withers - Low Reed


 Brass Section Leaders

Cameron Wood- Trumpet

Taylor Kaluza - Trumpet

Xavion Harris - Trombone

Kyle Suttle - Baritone/Tuba



 Percussion Section Leaders 

Shyanne Shilling- Battery

Christian Monthie - Snare

Hailey Routson - Front Ensemble




Raven Griffin - Librarian

Reece Griffin/Shaela Bivens - Loading Crew Chief

Christian Hudson - Quartermaster