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Christina Harwell

Conference: 2:41-3:30
Phone Number: extension 2195
Grades taught: 6th Advanced, 7th Advanced, & 8th Grade Math, Dazzler Sponsor
Biography: I have been teaching at West ISD since 2013. Most of my time has been spent teaching 8th grade math, though I have also taught 6th, 7th, and Algebra. I am also the Dazzler dance director. Prior to teaching, I worked at Baylor University. I also attended Baylor as a college student and love my bears! Between my husband and I, we have three children: two of my own and one bonus daughter plus a crew of corgis. 
Sic 'em! 
Mrs. Harwell
1st Period 8:00-8:49 6th Grade Advanced Block
2nd Period 8:53-9:42 6th Grade Advanced Block
3rd Period 9:46-10:35 7th Grade Advanced
1st lunch 10:35-11:05 WMS Lunch
4th Period  11:09-11:58 6th Grade Advanced Block
5th Period 12:02-12:51 6th Grade Advanced Block
6th Period 12:55-1:44 8th Grade Block
7th Period 1:48-2:37 8th Grade Block
8th Period 2:41-3:30 Conference
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