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Brian Strickland-US History/Coach

Name: Brian Strickland
Subjects: US History
School Phone #: 254-981-2010
Conference Times:- 2:27-3:15pm
Daily Schedule: 1st Period- JH Athletics
                          2nd Period- US History
                          3rd Period- DC US History
                          4th Period- DC US History
                          5th Period- HS Athletics
                          6th Period- US History
                          7th Period- US History
                          8th Period- Conference
Coach Strickland


As for who I am, my name is Brian Strickland, and I’ll be your instructor for the semester. I’m from a lot of places. I was born in Waco, TX, but spent time in Abilene, Lubbock, and Hillsboro through my professional career.   I went to UMHB for graduate school and began my coaching career at Dallas Baptist University. I spent six years at DBU before moving onto Abilene Christian University for three years. I then moved to Lubbock and was coaching at Texas Tech for about a year and a half before accepting a position at Hill College.  After three years at Hill College, I accepted a position at Waco High School teaching US History and beginning the Dual Credit History at Waco High.  I spent six years at Waco High before accepting the position I am currently in at West High School teaching Dual Credit US History.  I am married with two children, Hunter and Hailey.  Hunter is currently a student at SFA and Hailey will be entering into the 7th grade.  My wife, Michelle, is currently the 6th grade Math teacher at West Middle School.  I enjoy the outdoors and going to sporting events and traveling.  Just recently traveled to London and Paris last summer on a WWII historical trip.   Feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.